Common and serena dating

08-May-2016 04:07

So a reporter asked Williams whether Drake might be a “lucky mascot.” Williams rolled her eyes.

Drake laughed, leaned forward and covered his face.

She publicly stiff-armed Drake when a reporter asked her, rather circuitously, in a press conference if the two of them were dating, which led to this report from the Associated Press: On Thursday, when Williams beat Maria Sharapova in the semifinals, Drake was at Centre Court.

Then he showed up at Williams’ news conference, too.

For a person who doesn’t want to publicly acknowledge a relationship yet, this was masterfully vague and probably would have worked had the two not been seen sucking face at Wimbledon.

Although Serena Williams said last month that her and rapper Drake are longtime "friends," and "just like family," when asked about his constant presence during her Wimbledon matches, the pair appeared to be much more than that when they were pictured cuddling at Sotto restaurant in Cincinnati on Sunday night.

“We’ve been friends for, like, so many years,” Williams said. Nothing throws people off the gossip trail like suggesting that the relationship they think is more than platonic would actually be incestuous.

“Just like family.” She didn’t just friend-zone Drake. Although, husbands are also family, and recent developments certainly seem to indicate that Drake’s qualities run more to the husband end of the spectrum than the brother one.

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Well, now we know why The Emo One has been posting all those thirst traps on Instagram and turning up at places like Wimbledon and WTA tour events lately. Common (Serena’s ex) and Drake famously beefed over her at one point, and Drake and Williams dated back in 2011, but she dropped him after he was photographed on a date with model Dollicia Bryan.

But their relationship soon broke apart in the fall of that year.

Rumors of a potential romance between Drake and Serena Williams have been circulating ever since the singer was spotted at the Wimbledon stands cheering on the tennis superstar during the finals.

Maybe it’s their toned arms, yearlong tans, or impressive discipline on the court, but tennis players have always been catnip to celebrities.

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Here, we take a look at a few of the most notable couples in tennis history.From musicians to athletes to Hollywood producers, the curvaceous sex appeal of Serena Williams has been a red hot magnet for the stars.