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04-Oct-2016 09:55

Chadwick is able to show that these statements always occur in talks given about other topics (not expressly about the date of Christ's birth) and probably rely on Elder Talmage's assumptions.

But a careful look at Doctrine and Covenants 20:1, upon which Talmage's proposal is based, shows that this verse was not a revelation by the Lord about his birth date.

If you’re a travel bug, why not include a picture of you standing in front of a famous monument?

If you’re obsessed with working out, instead of a gym selfie, why not upload a snap of you finishing a race or a hike?

The author is careful to deal with statements made by latter-day prophets supporting the April 6, 1 BC, date first proposed by Elder Talmage.

However, others argued that removing the date from blog posts dramatically increased search traffic.

(Notice the “reader versus publisher” attitudes there…) So, who’s right?

Is the whole notion of evergreen content undermined by dates that gradually erode the value many readers place upon it? As a writer, I constantly use the internet for research.

Therefore, it has become a habit for me to always look for the date on a post or article before reading, or even before clicking through from the search engine results.

However, because of the poor preservation of macroplant fossils, many radiocarbon dates were derived from undifferentiated organic materials in pottery sherds.