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14-Aug-2016 06:29

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I have been experiencing a rather frustrating bug that I've seen a few players post about on the forums as well.

Type: Indoor Continent: Other Instanced: Yes Keyed: No Level Range: 1 - 10 ? Once you have exited the zone, you may re-enter by going to the character select screen and choosing "Enter Tutorial".

Subject=Ever Quest Submission: Correction for Zone: Mines of Gloomingdeep (271)&body= In the zone-in area you will find many helpful NPCs, several spell merchants, a banker, a corpse summoner, and some task starters.

The instructions may ask you to visit a certain location, talk to a specific person, kill a certain enemy, find an item, or use an object in a certain way. Some quests require you to complete their steps in a specific order, while other quests allow you to complete their steps in any order.

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The game automatically keeps track of your progress as you complete each step, and you can review the quest instructions at any time.

[Wed Apr 24 2013] You say, 'Hail, Mc Kenzie the Younger' [Wed Apr 24 2013] Mc Kenzie the Younger says 'Waaaagh! I nearly even chipped the [augmentation] I just found.' [Wed Apr 24 2013] You have been assigned the task 'Kickin' Things Up A Notch - Augmentations'. I'll try to remember to write them down next today i created a character and when i show up arias said " i can also send there if you [Wish]" so i typed in wish.

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