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Police are believed to be investigating the incident which happened in the Santa Maria neighbourhood of Encarnacion.

Officers are said to be scrutinising the video in an attempt to identify the randy pair.

A police spokesman said that they would face a fine of around three million PYG (£430) if they were tracked down and convicted.

However, if there was evidence that the biker had been drinking he would face a hefty fine and possibly even prison.

In 2008, Marvel Comics published a comic book adaptation that was ended in 2012. Pictures released an announcement in January 2011 that the company would be producing a movie remake of the King novel.

Campion is an American soldier stationed in the California desert, as well as "patient zero", the original carrier of the superflu outside of its containment area.

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As soon as the rain falls, everything turns green: The trees and bushes are full of leaves and the sand turns to green grass.

There are also a lot of sheep, goats, donkeys and camels.