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23-Dec-2016 02:41

” First, whether a man has children of his own or not, there is nothing wrong with preferring to date women without children.

We are all free to make up whatever dating preferences we want.

Not trying to be a hard ass here, just realistic.alrite m8 im not being biased or anything but it aint gunna happen you will not get custody because of the job you are in... Since you are only 21 years old, let me offer you some really solid advise.

you could get called away at anytime and would have 2 give the child bk 2 the mother or a home and it would not be fair on your child, best thing for you to do is wait untill you get out of the navy then try and get custody!!! If she's giving you custody it's a different story. there's daycare available and your command will help you "have a plan"... Try to work something out with your child's mother if it is anyway possible.

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In 1992, the Department of Defense (DOD) created DOD Instruction 1342.19, Family Care Plans, ensuring this problem does not happen again.

You didn't say if she was willingly going to give you custody, or if you were going to fight to try to get custody. As a single parent when I went in the Navy, I had to allow my mother to have full guardian ship of my son while I went thru boot & A school & C school. I forget what they call it, but I remember having to give them info about my son such as fave toys, foods, etc.... The military is a very challenging experience and could provide the opportunity for travel not only to yourself, but to your child and his mother under the right conditions.

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