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16-Jan-2017 08:50

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Chances are, if you’re a modern gal in today’s modern world, you’re going to have a few different relationships in your life.

You might date people who inspire you creatively, push you to pursue your dreams, or drive you absolutely freaking nuts.

It was strange had been in therapy for months when she outright told me she had feelings towards me and asked if I would like help finding another therapist. It's weird I try to stir the pot and get into friendly arguments with her and she won't real easy to talk to her in therapy and now we are in a relationship I think she still wears the therapist hat I do it all the time , I make her lie down on the couch ask her all kinds of personal questions and basically try to get under her skin.

All joking aside though this woman really figured out what makes me tick.

Unfortunately, he only gave man enough blood to work one at a time." Tread carefully I have all my life looked for women ethically my twilight years I find out they are all hiding as I stupid or what? I have always believed psychiatrists and therapists are totally insane...crazier than me, and I guess this proves it.

Divorce is not easy, but the challenges in life are what cause us to grow.