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10-Aug-2016 07:23

When a mistake means your luggage goes to Minneapolis while you go to Atlanta, you'll survive the inconvenience.

But if your dog goes to the wrong city or is forgotten on a luggage carousel, it may not. Assistance dogs travel with their owners, in the airliner's cabin.

Visit your veterinarian to be sure your pet is fit to fly Just about every airline in the world requires documentation from a veterinarian that your pet is in good health before it can board a flight.

A veterinarian's checkup should include a general physical examination to check for signs of illness, like coughing or diarrhea.

Here are some of the more common problems: Even if you plan carefully and everything goes as planned, air travel is frightening and stressful for a dog.

And you often can't cope with problems as they come up, because you and your dog are separated during the critical times.

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Each airline decides if they will allow you to travel with your pet in the passenger cabin.(He's certified as my Service Dog, so he gets to sit on my lap or on the floor -- he doesn't have to be in a carrier.) Then, a couple months after that, I took him on a 2.5 hour flight and I expected he would do just as well, but he had a major panic/anxiety attack during the entire flight there and back.